Purple & Yellow Wedding Cake

Before I decided to set up a cake decorating business I was asked by my best friend Stacey if I’d consider making her sister Sally a wedding cake. This filled me with dread. I’ve only been decorating cakes for a job since December and am self taught, how was I going to pull this off? Not one to let this put me off I decided to have a bash.

Sally & Andy’s colour scheme was Cadbury purple and yellow with hints of silver, a colour scheme I was unsure of at first, but once I got going on the cake I fell in love with them, they gave out such a warm yet bright tone, they really complimented each other.

I’ve never made a wedding cake before, and not one to do things by halves I decided I was going to have a go at making a 2 tier wedding cake, again something I’ve never attempted. This had fail written all over it surely I thought. Much to my surprise it didn’t, it went perfectly, leading me to believe that I really need to have more faith in myself, but saying that I honestly think it’s the not believing that makes me work harder to grow and get better.

So, here it is, my first (of many I hope) wedding cake and cupcakes. I am quite proud of it.

Sally wanted a cupcake tower too, this picture was taken in my kitchen just so I could see how it might look altogether.

I want to say a huge thank you to Stacey for asking me to do this, and and even bigger thank you to Sally & Andy for trusting me to do make this for you. I wish you both every success and happiness for the future.