Nikki & Graham

As with many friendships of recent times my friendship with Nikki was ignited after we got chatting on Twitter in 2010. Since then she has become one of my most treasured friends, so when she asked me to make her wedding cake I was honoured. I knew their wedding cake wasn’t going to be a traditional one and that excited me. Lots. Nikki told me they’d like a Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) cake, and that I was to interpret that whichever way I wanted.  This was my idea of heaven.

Nikki and Graham tied the knot on May 30th 2015, here is their story.

Tell us how you met.

A mutual friend drove a load of us to a Reel Big Fish gig in Manchester and we became friends.

How long after you met did you get married?

We started dating in 2003 and we got married nearly 12 years later! We’d got engaged in 2007, and life just happened and before we knew it it was 2014 and we still hadn’t got married! We knew we were going to be together for keeps so we weren’t in a rush (clearly!) On New Years Eve we just decided that we’d had a tough year and we wanted 2015 to be really good and we just said “shall we get married”

Tell us about your wedding.

We knew we didn’t want a huge wedding and we talked about a few options and eventually we decided to get married in a small registry office ceremony with parents, siblings and grandparents and then have a big party later for everyone so we didn’t have to go through any family politics.

We did everything on a budget as we wanted to save our money as we knew we were buying our flat. My mum bought my dress, my aunty made the bouquet for me as a gift, Graham’s mum and dad paid for the catering and we hired a local hall for the party. We made loads of the decorations ourselves and we shopped around for most things. For our honeymoon, my dad and step mum loaned us their caravan for free.


The evening was a bit unusual as we went to another wedding!Graham’s cousin got married later the same day and we went to the reception. We didn’t realise we booked the same date as them until we’d already sorted the date and I didn’t want to miss it! So we had our first dance as man and wife at someone else’s wedding.

Do you have and advice for people planning their own wedding?

Advice wise, I would say do it the way you want to and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, that includes family, friends and wedding magazines.

Día De Los Muertos Wedding Cake

Have the wedding you want, not the wedding others think you should have. I’d also say make sure you enjoy it. I took the time to be in the moment (as cheesy as it sounds) and I didn’t stress about anything, I just knew I was marrying my best mate so anything else was extra.