Naked Wedding Cakes Liverpool

Over the last couple of years naked weddings cakes have surged. I for one have seen a steady increase in them with couples opting for a less traditional wedding cake.

For me, the elegance and beauty of them is striking, they are visually simple but stunning at the same time.

Wild Flower Wedding Cake

I love that each naked wedding cake looks different from the next. I love that the flowers can be matched to that of the bouquet or wedding flowers a couple chooses.

Rustic Naked Wedding Cake

I love that fruit can be used, and I love that you can see each layer of the cake and that the frosting peaks through.

Naked Wedding Cake

Naked cakes are also a cheaper alternative to fondant covered wedding cakes, which is great as so many people don’t eat the fondant anyway.

Autumnal Naked Wedding Cake

They looks stunning all year round, the above pictured was an autumnal wedding cake, where the bride and groom really embraced the season and even had toffee apple favours for their guests.

Naked Wedding Cake

As well as naked cakes, there has been a rise in rustic cakes like the one pictured below, again flowers can be adapted to mirror chosen flowers.

Rustic Wedding Cake

Style and substance.