My Mother The Cake Decorator

If you’ve read my about me section you’ll know that my interest in baking and cake decorating came about when my mother suddenly passed away in December 2007. I’d had very little interest in either subject when I was growing up, my mum would often ask me if she could teach me how to do it and I’d always declined, I was far too busy with going out with my friends to be stuck in making cakes. After she died I decided to start baking/decorating as a way of being close to her, a way of keeping her alive and with me. As well as baking she’d love to crochet, which is something I decided to learn too. I’d like to think I’m doing her proud.

The heart of my mums house was her kitchen, she was always in there making something, although my dad would often say she makes more of a mess then anything else. She loved to make wedding cakes, and people would travel from all over for her to make one for their special day. I never really appreciated the dedication it took to make a wedding cake, although needless to say, I do now. She’d slave for hours and hours over her cakes and would often rope me in to help her make bows for them. I say help, she only wanted me to sit with my fingers outstretched to she could wrap ribbon around them. Gosh, I moaned like hell every time I’d hear her yell “Braidy! Come help me make some bows”. I was delighted when my father nailed some nails onto a block of of wood for her and she no longer needed my fingers.

I just wanted to share a couple of her cakes with you. Apologies for the terrible pictures, it seems my sister is quite poor at taking photos of photos. (Sorry Jackie) I wish I had more to show you.

Mum's Daisy CakeMum's Gold Wedding Cake

Mum Wedding Cake Mum Wedding Cake