Keeping It In The Family

As some of you may already know, my mother Maureen was a keen cake decorator, I did a post about her a few months ago, but what you don’t know is that all of my mother’s children (6 including me) are all keen creatives too. My 2 brothers, Dennis and David are great at drawing, a skill I don’t posses in the slightest, I used to envy they way the could draw, damn, I even make a mess drawing the curtains when night falls. This blog post however is about my sisters.

Never a day went by in my mums house when she wasn’t baking, decorating or cooking something amazing. Being surrounded by that must have paid off for my sisters and I, for we all now have businesses in making your sweet tooth stand to attention.

I’ll start with the eldest, Julie.

Julie is a mean cook, she could even made horse meat taste good, Tesco’s missed a trick there. She’s a food snob, which makes every meal she makes divine. She’ll slave for hours creating the most mouthwatering dishes. She’s also a keen baker and recently set up Butter Cups. Julie is kicking breast cancers head in right now and is undergoing chemo and radio, she’s showing it who’s the boss, so please be patient if you want to order.

Next in line is Jackie.

You’ll often find Jackie in her kitchen baking for the hell of it. She spends all her spare time practising her sugar craft skills, and she loves to make wedding cakes. As you can see from the pictures below she’s got mad skills. Every flower is meticulously placed and great care is taken to make sure she gives you the best cake she can.

Then comes Sarah.

Sarah has just set up her business, Sweet Treets, a bespoke business where she makes the most lavish sweet trees and other sugary goodies. The latest string to her bow is her chocolate pizzas, she only launched them last week and already orders have gone through the roof. All of her goodies make great gifts and treats for people, she spends hours on them, making sure they are of the highest standard. Through Sweet Treets you can also order my sister Jackies cakes. Make sure you check it out.

Then there’s me, Braidy.

Well, you all know what I do. I like to make stuff out of sugar paste, always striving to be better, always thinking outside the box, and always being grateful for being able to make a living from a business that gives me so much happiness.

My sisters business are all based in Hereford, my home town, so if you’re in need to a sugary fix Herefordians you need to check these girls out.

I often think that if I ever went to live back in Hereford the 4 of us could open up a place, I’d call it Little Mo’s after my mother. The place would be filled with cakes and candy, there would be murals on the wall that my brothers had painted and there’d be a sweet smell of success in the air. Most of all, there’d be a picture of the most beautiful woman I know, my mum.

I hope we make you proud mum.

Made for her daughter Emma

Made by Julie

Jackie Navy Wedding Cake

Navy Wedding Cake by Jackie

Sweet Treets Hereford

Variety of sweet trees by Sarah

Jackie's yellow rose wedding cake

made by Jackie