Hayley & Bert

I’ve known Hayley for a couple of years now, our paths crossed when she ordered some Fathers Day cupcakes from me. Since then we have become friends, so I was delighted when she asked me to make her wedding cake.

Her is her wedding story.

Tell us how you met

Bert and I met at school, we were in the same 6th form, and we were really close friends. We used to go out on the pull together in The Krazy House (how embarrassing) but didn’t take the leap from “Best Mates” to “Boyfriend and Girlfriend” till we were in college; we were still only 17 though.

Hayley & Bert

How long after you met did you get married?

Bert proposed to me in Loch Rannoch- Scotland, the first place we ever holidayed together, on top of a mountain in the freezing cold.

It was our 10 year anniversary! He’d picked the ring and he’d even been to ask my dad for his blessing.

Hayley & Bert

Bert and I then went on to get married 2 years to the day of his proposal, it was a nice way to celebrate being together for 12 years, a nice wedding and a big party.

Tell us about your wedding.

We got married at The Bluecoat, it’s where we went for our first “date”…. We used to sneak off from college and have lunch in the gardens. The building itself is beautiful, and our wedding was late (16:30) so we had sparklers instead of confetti.

Hayley & Bert

My dad picked the wedding car and got me there in a 1966 VW camper, one of my favourite cars in the whole world! The window wipers didn’t work (it was lashing down) and it rattled when he changed gear, but it was amazing.

Hayley & Bert

The colour scheme was red and royal Blue. My family are huge Everton fans, whereas my new husband is a huge Liverpool fan, had to keep everyone happy.

The wedding then moved to a hall called Abhaya, Bert and myself got changed into traditional Nigerian dress, and the party kicked off!

Hayley & Bert


Do you have and advice for people planning their own wedding?

Firstly enjoy your day! That’s the main thing…. Make sure you eat something and drink something, all the prep is not just for your guests

Then my best advice is use the talents of people you love, they add amazing touches to your day!

Our cake was made by Braidy and I would class her as a very trusted friend. I was so vague about what I wanted, but she more than delivered and it was commented on throughout the reception. Not only are her cakes AMAZING, her service AMAZING, but because she knew us the cake was just perfect. Wedding cake, generally, never gets finished- there wasn’t a crumb left after our wedding!

Hayley & Bert

Our photographs were taken by San and Michael a husband and wife team from Sanshine Photography. I have known San for years (since Uni) and because of San and my relationship our pictures truly reflected the fun from the day.

Bert and I had the best day, and if you’re planning your wedding I hope you have as much fun as we did.

Thanks to Hayley & Bert for sharing their big day with us. Love and happiness for the future guys.