Foodbank Movement Part 3

My #foodbankmovement is in its third year now, and last year with your generosity we collected £734.19 to spend on food and essentials for the foodbank, that’s without all the food bags that people had dropped round to my house too.
This year I’d love us to be able to smash £1000 in donations, so to aid this I am accepting money donations from October 1st, this gives me at least 2 months to collect your donations.


Ever since I read about food poverty years ago I immediately knew I had to get involved and try and help. How would I feel if I couldn’t feed my family? Life challenges people in many ways and sometimes it causes hardship where people have to rely on foodbanks to eat. Trussel Trust state: The charity, which runs a network of over 400 UK foodbanks, says that the number of people helped by their foodbanks in the first half of the 2014-15 financial year is 38% higher than numbers helped during the same period last year. 492,641 people were given three days’ food and support, including 176,565 children, between April and September 2014, compared to 355,982 during same period in previous year.

This is why I do it.


In the run up to Christmas people are extremely busy and often can’t find the time to drop food at the foodbank, which is where I come in. I do the shopping for you and drop it off at the foodbank.

There are 2 ways to donate, one is by giving a cash donation via Paypal/bank transfer (subject line: Foodbank Movement) or dropping the money at my house. Number 2 is you do the shopping and drop it at my house. Food donations are welcome to be dropped at my house from November 1st.

You can read about the previous collections here and here. I have previously collected Easter eggs for the past 2 years too, this year with your help we collected over 300 Easter eggs.

I plan to go shopping on November 29th and deliver to Noah’s Ark Centre in Speke on December 1st, this gives the foodbank enough time to sort through the shopping an allocate it to people.

What do you need?

The Trussel Trust have a list of items that can be donated. I also like to collect Christmas treats for them too, selection boxes, chocolates, mince pies, Christmas puddings. I also pick up essentials such as toothpaste, washing powder, deodorants etc….


Do you run a business in Liverpool? How about asking your staff to bring a food item in and do your own collection for me? I’d be very grateful. If you can do this please contact me and let me know.

Whether you donate £1 or a can of soup to my cause, it all helps.

So, I can count on you right? Yeah, I thought so.
This would never be possible if it wasn’t for you guys. Each day I am thankful that I have such incredible people in my life, most of whom I’ve never met. The world often is brought down by the negative things that happen, but when people pull together you can change the world.

Lets do this!