Enterprise Nation Funding

A few weeks ago my friend Sali suggested I take a look at something called Enterprise Nation. I wasn’t familiar with Enterprise nation before this so I thought I would take a look.

Through books, online resources, events and funding Enterprise Nation helps individuals start and grow their small businesses.

Being a new start up I thought I would take Sali’s advice and look in to the Fund 101 aspect of the site. Fund 101 allows small businesses to apply for funding of up to £500 to help with your business. Once you have decided on how much funding your application is looked at, and hopefully approved by the team at Enterprise Nation. Securing your funding couldn’t be easier, if for instance you applied for £50 you would need to gain 50 virtual votes, so the amount of funding you require is equal to the amount of votes you need.

I applied for £150 to purchase more tools and equipment, and as you’re now aware I needed 150 votes. I am lucky enough to of had such tremendous support from friends and family who voted and shared my link on their social networking sites. As well as that support the Fund 101 community all rally round and helped me with my votes also.

I was fortunate to of gained my quota and was awarded my funding of £150 last week. I had already earmarked some equipment that I needed and wasted no time in putting the money to good use.

Today the postman arrived with 6 parcels full of cake equipment for me, it felt like Christmas. I wasted no time in getting the use out of my new tools so I decided to have a go at a 2 tier cake dummy.

Those who have followed my transition from jewellery maker to cake decorator will know that baking and decorating progressed from a hobby until I was encouraged by family and friends to take the plunge into baking full time. I am very glad I did. I will never claim to be the best cake decorator in the world, but with hard work, practise and determination I hope to put a smile on peoples faces, and well as fill a hole in their tummies.

Below is the cake dummy I fashioned this afternoon. It is imperfect, I actually found it harder to decorate a dummy than I do when decorating real celebration cakes. Overall I’m quite pleased with it, I know there are aspects of it that need to be worked on, but bear in mind I haven’t been decorating long. I am hoping the simple vintage style theme I was aiming for shines though.

A massive thank you to to those at Enterprise Nation for the opportunity in making my business grow, and massive thank you to all those who made this possible for me by voting and sharing. I am very grateful.

Braidy. xo