Cupcake Decorating Course Liverpool

Thursday this week saw me hold my first ever cupcake decorating course in Crafty Corner, needless to say I was nervous as hell. I’d held a couple of children’s cupcake decorating classes in Cosy Bean Coffee during the school holidays, but at least with children you can wing it and they won’t mind if you get it slightly wrong.

Having only been doing this myself for the last 8 months I felt huge apprehension, despite that I was also feeling extremely privileged to be in this position.

I started off by showing how to make butter icing, butter icing you might think is easy, but believe me when I tell you I’ve had my fair share of trouble with it. Next the class was shown how to pipe a swirl on the top of their cupcakes, and then a rose, which afterwards they decorated with sugar paste decorations they’d made. You can see the results below, you view more class photos on my Facebook page.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Crafty Corner for allowing me to do this, I can’t wait until the next class.