CRUK Science Cakes

Last Friday I was kindly invited by Merseyside & Cheshire Research Engagement Manager Emma Squibb to be a judge the the CRUK (Cancer Research UK) Great Science Cake Off .

What’s this you might ask? Well, it’s a novel way to promote CRUK and hopefully engaging people with the research that goes on in their local centre. CRUK centres up and down the country have turned their hand to the medium of cake, with a clinical/science theme.

Search #Sciencecakes on Twitter, they are so good!

There were 2 entries, one from the Liverpool CRUK centre, and the other from Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit. Both, as you can see are incredible. To be honest, I’m glad they don’t do this for a living, I’d soon be out of a job. We couldn’t decide on a winner, they were both so good. Winners of each centre will then go on to a final and a winner will be picked by CRUK head office.

Whilst there I was given a tour of the research labs and got to speak with some of the scientists that were working. It was totally fascinating to see how things worked and to get to ask questions to the people who will hopefully make cancer a thing of the past.

CRUK Liverpool Cake

CRUK Liverpool Cake

Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit Cake

Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit Cake

If you watched the news the other day you might of heard them speaking about cancer rates in Liverpool. If you missed it, here is a link to the ITV article.

Some shocking facts that you probably didn’t know about Liverpool and cancer are:

Each year around 4000 people in Liverpool are told they have cancer,  and each year around 1400 in Liverpool die of cancer.

Liverpool has higher rates of lung cancer and skin cancer than anywhere else in the UK, and most of Europe.

Liverpool has more smokers and sun bed users than anywhere else in the UK.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices account for around 50% of your cancer risk.

In particular in Liverpool we have a problem with late diagnosis, far too many cases of cancer are diagnosed through emergency admissions.

Food for thought eh?

To find out about the amazing work that happens at CRUK Liverpool Centre please contact Emma Squibb via email or find her on Twitter.