A Year Has Passed

So, a year has passed since I decided to take the plunge and start Say It With Flours an what a year it’s been.

I had never intended to bake full time for a living, it came about quite suddenly and unexpected, but it’s something that I’m glad I got the opportunity to pursue. As with any business it took a couple of months to build up, and now it’s in full flow, it’s totally taken me by surprise. I count myself lucky every day to be doing a job that I love.

I’ve learnt a lot in this first year, the best thing I’ve learnt that is I can do things if I put my mind to it. Being self taught means I’m learning everyday, which is the way I think it should be in business. Trends and themes change constantly which is one thing I love about having such a creative job, I love bringing people’s ideas to life.

The hours can be long and stressful but that is repaid by the look and comments on people’s faces when they see and try them, totally makes it worthwhile.

My first year has brought such wonderful experiences. I was tasked with making Star Wars cupcakes for the Liverpool Tattoo Convention Gala Ball. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I have a huge love for tattoos, so to be asked to do these cupcakes was amazing, tattoos and baking = win. Thanks to Ant & Hazel Nichols for asking me to make them.

I appeared in the Liverpool Echo as a result of baking some thank you cupcakes for my oncologist Jonathan Herod on my 6 year clear anniversary. He is a man that I owe my life to and I have so much respect for him and the team at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

I was also asked to do the cupcakes by Elinor Phillips for the Liverpool Music Awards. It was such an honour but I was so nervous to be undertaking such a task. I normally don’t get to see people eating my cakes, so I spent the night nervously looking round at peoples faces, the verdict, thankfully, was good. I was lucky enough to be invited to to the VIP area of the awards, go me eh! I was busy talking with my husband when in walks Mel C from The Spice Girls, Melanie bloody C of all people, a real life Spice Girl. I tried for ages to act cool but the stalker in me got the better of me and I asked her for a photo. Melanie obliged and posed for a photo, thanks Mel. I thought the night couldn’t get any better, until I checked Twitter to see that she had tweeted a picture of my cupcake. I had thanked her for doing so and she tweeted me back to say “Your cupcakes were AMAZING” I didn’t think I’d be star struck with anyone famous in my life, but when faced with a Spice Girl that all went downhill. Thanks Mel, you made my night. If ever you fancy cakes just holla.Not only did Mel C tweet about them but Andy from Lawson did too. I didn’t stop smiling at all the day after. Massive thanks must go to Ellie for her support of my business this last year.

Another high point for me was being selected by Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis for his #SBS. If you’re not aware #SBS means Small Business Sunday. Each week Theo reviews and chooses his favourite six who are then re-tweeted to his 300,000+ followers, which provides a massive boost to the chosen businesses. I managed to drop off a box of cupcakes for Theo at his opening of the new Boux Avenue store in Liverpool One to say thank you. I couldn’t stay to meet him as I had deliveries and baking to do, which was a shame, but again thanks to the medium of Twitter Theo tweeted me. Thanks Theo for picking me as one of your #SBS winners, I have met some super businesses through it.

There really are too many other people to mention, I suppose the ones who need the biggest thanks of all are those who have championed me and my business over the last year. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t of been able to do the above things had it of not been for your support.

I’m a very lucky lady. Here’s to another year.

Braidy. xx